Artificial Intelligence

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Platform iconPlatform: Udacity
Level iconDifficulty: Intermediate
Time icon15-35h hours of content
Speed iconSelf-paced
Certificate iconCertificate: No certificate
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Thad Starner

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Artificial Intelligence

This course is created or produced by Georgia Institute of Technology via Udacity


Undergraduate computer algorithm and data structures courses that cover O notation, time and space constraints; working knowledge of college level mathematics such as calculus, probability, and linear algebra. You will also need to be familiar with Python and be comfortable making modifications to large programs.

Please review the following questions, if you answer ?no? to any of them you may want to refresh your knowledge or practice the required skills prior to taking the class:

  • Are you comfortable programming in Python, including IPython notebooks? If not, are you comfortable in learning a language within the first week of class?
  • Have you taken several classes that required intensive programming?
  • Have you taken algorithms and data structures courses?
  • Are you prepared to spend at least 9 hours a week on this class?

See the Technology Requirements for us

Description of the course

Learn about the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence in this introductory graduate-level course. It provides a survey of various topics in the field along with in-depth discussion of foundational concepts such as classical search, probability, machine learning, logic and planning.

What is included

  • Rich Learning Content

  • Interactive Quizzes

  • Taught by Industry Pros

  • Self-Paced Learning

  • Student Support Community

What you will learn

Artificial Intelligence is poised to become one of the most revolutionary technologies of our time. We interact with intelligent systems and services in various forms, including apps on our phones, websites, devices, etc. With that, the demand for AI Engineers is on the rise. Take this course to understand the fundamental concepts and algorithms behind artificial intelligence, and learn to apply them to various real-world problems including game playing, navigation, sign-language recognition, et al.

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