Music Theory for Electronic Musicians 2: Minor keys and More

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Jason Allen
PhD, Ableton Certified Trainer
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Music Theory for Electronic Musicians 2: Minor keys and More

This course is created or produced by Jason Allen, PhD, Ableton Certified Trainer via Skillshare

Description of the course

This course is an extension of Music Theory for Electronic Musicians, in which we learned how to work with the piano roll editor in a DAW to make harmonies, melodies, and whole tracks. In this class we expand on those ideas and work with minor keys, focus some time on melody writing and bassline writing, and talk about how different tracks work.

Extensive Analysis
The most important part of this class is an extensive analysis of tracks by Daft Punk, Avicii, Skrillex, and many more. In each of these analysis segments, we look at their tracks on the piano roll editor, and talk about why they sound the way they do, and how you can use similar techniques in your own music. Each of these segments picks apart multiple elements of the song and dissects it in an easy to understand way.

Who should take this course?
Anyone interested in producing their own tracks. This will get you up and running and give your tracks a unique sound in no time.

This course consists of video lectures, which all contain a session in Ableton Live 9. If you are using a different program (or none at all), no worries! This isn't a class on how to use Ableton Live, and the concepts can be applied to any DAW.

Syllabus of "Music Theory for Electronic Musicians 2: Minor keys and More"

1 WelcomeHD
2 Avicii AnalysisHD
3 1MinoorScalesHD
3 2Relatives
3 3MinorChordProgressionsHD
3 4HarmonicMinorHD
4 Deadmau5HD
5 CircleofFifths1HD
5 CircleofFifths2HD
6 GetLuckyHD

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