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Platform iconPlatform: edX
Level iconDifficulty: Beginner
Time icon8h hours of content
Speed iconSelf-paced
Certificate iconCertificate: Professional
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Rafael Irizarry
Professor of Biostatistics Harvard University

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Data Science:?Productivity Tools

This course is created or produced by Harvard University via edX


Description of the course

A typical data analysis;project may involve several parts, each including several data files and different scripts with code. Keeping all this organized can be challenging.

In this course, you will learn how to use Unix/Linux as a tool for managing files and directories on your computer system and how to keep the file system organized. You will be introduced to the version control systems git which is a powerful tool for keeping track of changes in your scripts and reports. We also introduce you to GitHub and demonstrate how you can use this service to keep your work in a repository that facilitates collaborations.

Finally,;you will learn to write reports in R markdown which permits you to incorporate text and code into a document. We'll put it all together using the powerful integrated desktop environment RStudio.

What you will learn

  • How to use Unix/Linux to manage your file system
  • How to perform version control with git
  • How to start a repository on GitHub
  • How to leverage the many useful features provided by RStudio

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