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The biggest platforms on the web

Over the last decade, more and more online education platforms have come into existence giving much easier access to high-quality educational content for everybody (*almost everybody). Each platform has set out do become a big name in the education industry prividing online courses using their own approach. Some work together with top universities to create online courses (such as Coursera and edX), others work with excellent companies and entreprises to prepare students for real-world situations (Udacity), and platforms such as Udemy and Skillshare provide vast amount of courses (Udemy has over 60.000 courses) from high-skilled accredited professionals. In other words, there are enough fantastic courses out there for whatever it is you need. But they are scattered across these platforms. In many case, you might not care about whether the course is from Udacity or Coursera; you just want the best course on the internet that matches your interested and your demands. You might want to find the best Javascript course for beginners, or the best Photography course for advanced photographers that also provides a high-quality certificate. This is where we come in. Courseroot allows you to filter through all these courses based on your interests and demands, and we will show the best courses that match them. Excited to learn?! You can go to our courses page and search from there, or start your search from the navigtaion bar op top.