These are the best free 3d Animation courses on the web (October 2018)

In the list below you will find all 3d Animation courses that are free for the taking. A great way to explore a new topic, or gain some understanding of a topic without commiting any money at first. Be sure to give a quick check to the specifications with regards to price on the original platform before entering the course. Just to make sure it matches your expectations in regards to price.

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Online Course by Udacity

Interactive 3D Graphics

by Autodesk | Udacity

Want to learn on how to create interactive 3D computer graphics? Well, this course is for you. In this course, the student will learn the fundamental principles of 3D computer graphics: meshes, transforms, cameras, materials, lighting, and animation. Take this course and be a professional 3D computer graphics designer in a snap. More information

No certificate
Online Course by edX

Basic 3D Animation using Blender

by IITBombay | edX

Learn the basics of 3D animation, including key-framing, timing, and animation principles, using the free and open source tool: Blender.

Online Course by Udemy

Introduction To Unity? For Absolute Beginners | 2018 ready

by Diego Herrera | Udemy

Learn the Unity basics from installation to 3D objects, terrains, menus, basic animation, lighting & exporting to mobile

Certificate (q1)
Online Course by Udemy

Introduction to Autodesk Maya 2016

by Andrew Rees | Udemy

If you have a background in 3D design this course will be just great for you. It teaches the fundamental ideas on how to start learning Autodesk Maya 2016. So if you are thinking about starting to work with 3D animation this course is for you.

Certificate (q1)
Online Course by Udemy

Getting started in 3D Animation

by Reallusion Inc | Udemy

Create professional-level, 3D character animations in record time for a variety of applications.

All levels
Certificate (q1)

Are these free 3d Animation courses not your thing? Maybe you can find some great classes on the next page that suit you. Or maybe you are not looking for free courses but want to really commit to studying a topic and you do not mind putting some money down. In that case we suggest to remove the filter and give it another shot. Be sure to check the pricing system on the platform itself. Sometimes it is possible to audit a course. This way you do not get access to certification but this also means you can access the course for free. We are sure that there is a great course for you in our database of over 60.000 online courses. Play around with our filters, check our subject list, or give our search engine a shot. Hopefully, we can help you find it.

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