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50% of our profits goes to an amazing charitable cause that you can choose. ❤️ We earn revenue via commissions on the courses we present here (prices are the same).
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And we'd love to involve our users. We are going into a new direction focusing on showing you the best resources to explore, learn, or master a topic. Instead of just online courses, we'll be listing amazing YouTube videos, blog posts, and articles as well. We want to build something that you love. This will be for the curious, the explorers, and lifetime learners.

2h 38m
John Sonmez
2h 38m
In this course we will lean how to setup the continuous integration tool, Jenkins. We will also learn how to use Jenkins to automate much of the build and deployment process. Jenkins is one of the most popular tools for doing continuous integration o..

1031 reviews
Packt Publishing
Set up the stage for a DevOps culture by learning Continuous Integration and automating your Jenkins projects!

12 reviews

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Some Frequently Asked Questions
Do I pay more if I find a course via Courseroot?
No. As a matter of fact, sometimes you will even be provided a discount on courses because you are a referral of us.
What do I get when I buy a course?
This really depends on which course you buy and at which platform. We try to provide as much detailed information on the courses such as their price, the quality of the certificate, the level of difficulty, and what you will get, but you should always take a good look at the course page on the original platform to check this.
What is Courseroot really?
Courseroot is a platform to aims to help people find the right course for whatever it is they want to achieve. Whether you are looking for a programming tutorial to just developer your expertise or for an extensive ux design course with a high-quality certificate for your cv, we will help you find it.
What is the 50% rule?
The internet has made access to educational resources much and much better. With a smartphone or a laptop, you now get to study anything you want and develop your skills. However, for many children and adults in this world, this access has not been provided yet, or they do not get the chance to even consider studying because they are lacking basic needs such as proper nutrition and drinking water. Our mission with the 50% rule is to distribute some of this opportunity to these people by taking half of our profits and donating it to a charitable cause that has set out to help these less fortunate people and allow them to dream of a brighter future.
What characteristics can I use to filter through courses?
You can use pretty much any course characteristic to filter on such as price, level of difficulty, certificate quality, hours of content, and course provider.