Top 10 Data Science courses on the web

The list that we are providing here can basically be found right here on the platform in the search results. However, given the ever increasing popularity of data science we still wanted to briefly highlight the best data science courses out there and provide a bit more information on each one of them, making it a bit easier for you to make the right choice.

#10: Intro to Artificial Intelligence by Udacity
Intermediate | 36 hours | 4 months | Certificate

Intro to Artificial Intelligence by Udacity“Intro to Artificial Intelligence” by Udacity

One of the many free courses Udacity provides in this topic, it shows you the basics of modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as showcasing some common applications. The makers specifically state that the goal here also is for you to get an idea of the endless possibilities of this technology, and get you excited about what it can bring to the world. Even though some basic statistics knowledge is a prerequisite, this is really a stepping stone for the student that wants to get into this field. And completely free. That is pretty awesome as well.

#9: Intro to Data Science by Udacity
Intermediate | 34 hours | 2 months | Certificate

Intro to Data Science by Udacity“Intro to Data Science” by Udacity

This course is perfect for the beginner Data Science student (even though skill level is set at Intermediate) who wants to get a taste of the Data Analyst Nanodegree program but is not ready to commit yet. The course specifically survey’s the foundation of the following topics: Data Manipulation, Data Analysis with Statistics and Machine Learning, Data Communication with Information Visualization, and Data at Scale?—?Working with Big Data. The focus is on breadth and instead of diving into the specifics, the goal of this course is to sample and apply the basic data science techniques.

#8: The Data Scientist’s Toolbox by Coursera
All Levels| 39 hours | Certificate

The Data Scientist’s Toolbox by Coursera“The Data Scientist’s Toolbox” by Coursera

Another amazing introductory course, this time, however, provided by Coursera and the John Hopkins University. A quality course that allows you to step into the world of Data Science and get an idea of the data, questions, and tools data scientists deal with everyday. It is split up in two parts: 1) introducng data science and everything around it, and 2) going a bit more in depth, allowing you to get the tools that are used in this field, like version control, markdown, git, GitHub, R, and RStudio. And for $43/mo. you have access to it (as well as all other regular courses on Coursera). Solid deal.

#7: Machine Learning by Udacity
Intermediate | 37 hours | 4 months | Certificate

Machine Learning by Udacity“Machine Learning” by Udacity

This course is provided by Udacity in collaboration with Georgia Tech. It actually features as a course in its Online Masters Degree. This course considers AI regarding computer programs that modifies and improves its performance via experiences. It is itself subdivided into three subsections: Supervised learning, Unsupervised learning, and Reinforcement learning. Three topics that are core to the most common implications of Artificial Intelligence in daily live. Bookmarked by over 3200 students on the platform, it is an absolute recommendation for the avid data scientist.

#6: Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree by Udacity
Expert | ca. 150 hours | Nanodegree

Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree by Udacity“Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree” by Udacity

You got to have you stuff together for this one. One of the heaviest courses in Data Science when it comes to content, Udacity provides you with a full fledged degree in Artificial Intelligence with incredibly high credential. Rated at Expert level, this course demands you to have: basic knowledge of linear algebra and calculus, the ability to apply basic probability and statistics, experience implementing computer science algorithms and object-oriented programming, and programming experience in Python. A solid list. This is the right course for the experienced data scientists that wants to up his or hers credential by completing and acquiring a highly certified Nanodegree program from Udacity. Pricy, but worth it.

#5: Data Analyst Nanodegree by Udacity
Intermediate | 37 hours | 4 months | Certificate

Data Analyst Nanodegree by Udacity“Data Analyst Nanodegree” by Udacity

We enter our top 5 with another Nanodegree program from Udacity. As you might have noticed by now, Udacity is providing a lot of data science courses. A lot. It is kind of their thing to focus on the newest industries like AR, VR, self-flying cars, and data science is in there as well. Anyway. This is a Nanodegree that has a more moderate entry level (intermediate) then the one discussed previously. It focuses on giving you all the basic skills you need to become an expert data scientist, like python, R, and SQL programming, and how to use Tableau to uncover insights. Also, at a much lower price, it’s an ideal course for those wanting to get serious with data science.

#4: Intro to Machine Learning by Udacity
Intermediate | 36 hours | 10 weeks | Certificate

Intro to Machine Learning by Udacity“Intro to Machine Learning” by Udacity

“Intro to Machine Learning” is another introductory course that concerns data science. It is itself a sub course of the Data Analyst Nanodegree. It shows the student the predictive power that results from combining computer science and statistics by diving straight into the data. Deemed a must have skill for aspiring data scientists (or as they say ‘anyone else who wants to wrestle all that raw data into refined trends and predictions’), it is another great course by provided by Udacity that allows you to get acquire the basics in the field.

#3: Intro to Data Analysis by Udacity
Beginner | 33 hours | 6 weeks | Certificate

Intro to Data Analysis by Udacity“Intro to Data Analysis” by Udacity

The 4th and last “Intro to [blank]” course in this list is an actual real introductory course. Qualified by Udacity as a beginner course (and that says enough), this one really allows the lay to get a feel of the field and the environment that concerns data science. Exploring a variety of database on learning how to use the basic tools, the student goes through the entire data analysis process: Posing a question, formatting data so it becomes useful, exploring the data and finding patterns, drawing conclusion and/or making predictions, and then in the end communicating these findings. If you know nothing (or hardly anything) about data science and want to get into it, this is the perfect online course for you.

#2: Machine Learning Nanodegree by Udacity
Expert | 150 hours | Nanodegree

Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree by Udacity“Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree” by Udacity

This is it. The pinnacle of all your hard work. The tons of icing on a moderately sized cake. The data science course to top it all off. Udacity’s most advanced Nanodegree program in the field of Data Science. Co-created with Kaggle, the biggest platform for predictive modelling and analytics competitions with an incredible data scientist community, this program will make you a machine learning engineer. After this, applying predictive models to immense data sets, whether its in the field of education, finance, or health care, will be piece of cake. If you want a job as a machine learning expert, this program will get you there.

… *drum roll*

#1: Machine Learning by Coursera (Stanford University)
All Levels| 38 hours | Certificate

Machine Learning by Coursera“Machine Learning” by Coursera

And here we are! Number 1! Surprise, surprise; it’s a Coursera course… The most popular online course on data science currently on the web, is the “Machine Learning” course provided by Stanford University. With over 47,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.9/5 (just incredible), this is the go-to online course for anybody that wants to get into the field of Machine Learning. It provides a broad introduction to the field of machine learning, data mining, and statistical pattern recognition and dives into topics like a) Supervised learning, b) Unsupervised learning, and c) best practices in machine learning. Using multiple case studies, you will learn to apply learning algorithms yourself. If you have come this far reading (or you scrolled all the way down just for the top 3 *I get you*) and you are not yet acquainted with the field of data science but are eager to jump in, this is your course. Congratulations, you have found it.

Hopefully this post has been of some benefit to you. Whether it was to get an idea of the courses that are out there to consider, or because you really wanted to find that one course that can be the foothold into this new, exciting world of data science. I would love to hear your thoughts on anything discussed above, and don’t be afraid to share your feedback on the posts as a whole (also my style of writing. Just started doing this. )

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