A new direction for Courseroot

[Credits for the banner image. From left to right respectively: water.org, Save the Children, Blind Kids Learning Center, and Girl Rising. If you are looking to support these amazing causes, go to their website by clicking on their links.]


As of today, we are taking Courseroot in a new direction.

Over the last year, Courseroot has not received the attention and time it deserved. The platform was neat and helped out some people find the right course but it did not live up what I wanted it to be. It did not make enough of an impact nor was it able to keep my honest attention. After having been very close to handing Courseroot of to a new owner and taking some time to reflect on what I wanted to work on, I decided I had to give it another shot. Not only did I believe in the platform and its ability to help people learn new skills or step into new fields of interest but also because I felt there is an opportunity to do more than that. Over the last few weeks I have worked on taking Courseroot into this new direction, and today the platform finally launches its new version.

Starting in a day or two at the beginning of April, Courseroot will be donating 15% of its profits to a charitable cause that is close to my heart. The mission is really simple: take the amazing opportunity and access that we have to educational resources with online courses, and distribute some of that to those less fortunate. I wanted to add an extra dimension to Courseroot. The platform is incredibly helpful when looking for courses and tutorials, and can help out many people in a new age where online education is becoming more prominent. But we can do more than that and this is how we want to try and do that.

Every month a new charity will be chosen that has set out to help people across the world that are less fortunate and do not have the same access as we do to education. Some of these charities might support education in a more direct manner, like Save the Children’s “Girl’s Education” program that is helping educate girls that normally would not have this chance to learn, or indirect like water.org which is bringing access to clean water to those in need (water.org is the first charity that we will be supporting in April).

As of this moment, Courseroot’s traffic is to low for us to turn a decent profit. Hence, we are now committed to taking 15% of our revenue instead, and we will do so until we at least make $1000 in profit each month. We will post our traffic and financials at the end of each month, to be as transparent as possible, so you, those that support and use the platform, can see what is going on. Over time, I am going to move this 15% up to 50% of profits. I will be setting some milestones in terms of traffic, and each will mean a step higher.

Associated with this new direction of Courseroot is a new website. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Feedback is always much appreciated and can help me improve the platform, so do not hesitate to share your thoughts. If you wish to do so, you can reach out to me via [email protected]

Alright. Let’s get started.