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The internet is the most amazing place to explore, learn, and master anything that you want. Our goal is to create a place where this feature is unlocked even more so. YouTube, Wikipedia, personal blogs, online courses, podcasts; there are so many excellent resources that can inspire and teach but they are scattered at the moment. We are bringing them together.

And we want to do more. There are so many of us on the world that do not have the same access to educational resources. Whether it is because of a lack of internet connectivity, lack of basic needs such as water, food, and shelter, or because they might have been born with a disability that prevents access to traditional education. There is enough to share. That is why we donate 50% of our profits to curation of amazing charities that have set out to help.

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Our founders were both fortunate enough to be born in developed countries with access to more than basic needs and high quality education. Matt and Valentijn are both aware and deeply moved by the fact that many others in the world do not have the same access to basic needs or educational resources or opportunities. Harvard University, a private tax exempt nonprofit, has a 38 billion dollar endowment and yet others have no internet access, lack of basic needs such as water, food, and shelter, or were born with an inhibiting learning disability, and we feel the need to attempt to do more. Courseroot aims to do this directly by giving back 50% of our profits to charities that set out to help children grow and develop so that they can dream of a brighter future.

Matt and Valentijn run Courseroot together. Valentijn first founded the original version previously as Courseroot.com in August 2017 and ran it part time by himself for about 18 months, always feeling it was falling short of its potential. Matt reached out via email in April 2019 after months of looking for a technical partner to help execute on some nuanced views on how to progress the future of education via online resources. Upon communicating a potential new direction to take then Courseroot.com, the two decided to work together to build something to help more worldwide learners and attempt to contribute to something larger than themselves.

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